100 Reasons I Love My Fiance

So today I google “I love my fiance” just because I love my fiance lol and one of the first post that showed up was from a girl and she prattled off 100 reason why she loves her fiance. I was so touched by their relationship that I decided to do the same. Here goes hopefully I can list just 100 things.

1. The way he loved his mother and his sister.
2. He can talk to anyone and they will love him
3. He respects women and I never feel like he would harm me.
4. I feel safe with my fiance because I know he would never let others harm me.
5. He roots for my football teams (except the Steelers).
6. He has cute little feet so I can share his socks.
7. He is super encouraging.
8. He is a camera ham.
9. Smells like sunshine, umbrellas and expensive cologne.
10. Washing my laundry with no complaints.
11. He is open to listening to the type of music that I like and being more diverse
12. Every now and then I catch him doing a cute little butt dance.
13. Marcus is a great dancer and its pretty cute.
14. Takes the time to buy me gifts that I actually like.
15. Cares about what he looks like and how he represents himself and us in public.
16. He is religious but not a hypocrit and shares a lot of my beliefs on God.
17. Encourages me not to work out which sounds bad, yes I know, but he likes me the way I am which rocks
18. He is a snuggler.
19. He smiles at me while he is falling asleep like a little baby.
20. Some times when we are at the mall, we baby watch together. i.e. coo at the same babies
21. Lets me complain without complaining about my complaining.
22. We hate the same attributes in people.
23. If I have an opposing views on something, most times, he hears me out before making a call.
24. He lets me control the remote. Nuff said.
25. Marcus watched the movie Tangled alone and harassed me into seeing it because he just knew I would love it.
26. He secretly is as big of a Harry Potter buff as I am.
27. Watching sports is not obligatory in our household.
28. His hero is his father and I darn near cried when I found that out. How stinking cute is that. It’s really rare that you find an African American male who is able to look up to their father.
29. He is interested in traveling.
30. He made me dinner tonight! And the mashed tatoes were homemade and delicious!!!!
31. He never calls me by my name just my position. “Bay”
32. Knows I dont particularly enjoy derivatives of my name & ensures that he refers to me as Victoria to others.
33. He puts up with my family even though they are sometimes @$$holes to about him.
34. Marcus lent me his family when I needed one most.
35 When I asked to do something insane and often asinine, he agrees to let me instead of shooting it down.
36.He thinks about how it would make me look before he tells people information about our relationship.
37. He CRACKS ME UP! Marcus is funny as crap when it’s just the two of us.
38. He gives off a ridiculous amount of body heat in the winter like a bear.
39. He texts me to let me know where he is so that I won’t worry.
40. He is the grandmaster of Febreeze! He and his mother drench carpets in it.
41. He does not video game but recently acquired a love for Gears of War that I am tickled by.
42. If I can’t find him I know to look at “Mike’s Apt”.
43. The way he talks in his sleep is hilarious. Nap time is so funny.
44. He secretly reads my blog because sometimes it slips in conversation.
45. He picks me up from my classes because he enjoys seeing me just because
46. He squeals in excitement and makes this noise when he hasn’t seen me in a long time “EEEEEEEYA”
47. He too is a foody something like myself.
48. He considers feeding people loving them just like I do.
49. He is incredibly loving once you let him in it just takes a while.
50.He doesn’t harass me when I shop a long time unless I spend a long time in the hair aisle in a store *sheepish face*
51. Before he walks out a room, he turns the tv to a channel I would like.
52. He feeds my coupon addiction.
53. He bought my engagement ring secretly and even asked my father like I care about his opinion.
54. He is romantic at heart.
55. he gives the best cheer me up kisses.
56. He takes initiative.
57. He always leaves the last piece of food for me 🙂
58. He got this shelf for his apartment just because “you would like this because it’s rustic bay”
59. He had his friends walk me places when he couldn’t freshman year because the world isnt safe lol
60. When there was “a shooting on campus” he took off to find me because he knew I was in a building near the shooter. How romantic.
61. he likes getting new school supplies and it is totally adorable.
62. He puts clorox in the dishwasher because he is paranoid.
63. He let me help pick out his car and even gave me a key to it.
64. He doesn’t scold me when I do something stupid.
65. he is supportive of me being a doctor.
66. He encourages me and gives rational reasons why I can do it instead of feeding me flowery sentiments.
67. Today I didn’t start studying until 4pm and he said, “I dont see anything wrong with it since you know you are most productive at night”. That is so appreciated because I felt awful.
68.Marcus is not ashamed by the fact that he remembers episodes of sex and the city.
69. He too thinks Miranda is an idiot lesbian on that show.
70. He likes the sight of me in his sweat pants.
71 He encouraged me to go natural and doesn’t discourage me when I spent hours trying to figure out how to go about it.
72 He gives no input on our wedding because he knows I have been picking out wedding details forever.
73. He doesn’t try and get to know my friends because he knows I don’t like to share and they are none of his business.
74. He is an amazing teacher. Everything has a real world connection with him.
75. He has significantly toned down the violence factor since we got together.
76. When I purposely do something out of line, he hears me out knowing that I have a good reason.
77. He is interested in hearing about what I dreampt about when I call him at 3am to tell him.
78. He is spontaneous. Yesterday out of the blue we just decided to buy bikes for no particular reason.
79. If I ask for ANYTHING, he gives it. Marcus would find a way to give me the world if I ask for it.
80. He is faithful to me and me alone. I am numero uno in Marcus’ world. Everyone else is just some square.
81. He understands that republican are clowns while still understanding that democrats are clowns.
82. Marcus doesn’t live behind rose colored glasses. The world is real to him.
83. He took me home with him before we were even dating because I wanted to shower without shoes on.
84. He gets good grades for me. Because I find them important not because he wants to.
85. The way cute old ladies gravitate towards him. He went to a nursing home with MY class and he helped this hold lady defeat my kids in Sorry! I have never wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.
86. He is going to be an amazing doctor one day because he cares about actual people and not just the money.
87. He is packed with a RIDICULOUS amount of random facts.
88. He like my cooking.
89. He use to sleep on his little sisters floor just to keep her company.
90. He teaches a class of 5th grade crumb snatchers with me and he is excited about it.
91. He enjoys rainy days because it gives him a chance to snuggle me.
92. He sent me flowers just because when I went home a year ago and they were my favorites.
93. He pursued me even when I said I didn’t want him lol.
94. The way he is considerate. He was going to send me flowers in class but didn’t do it because he knew I am easily embarassed.
95. He just rolls his eyes when I’m wounding myself into an anxiety attack because he knows I have nothing to worry about.
96. He checks food for stuff I’m allergic to 🙂
97. He lets me be me waaaay more often then he should lol.
98. He doesn’t kiss me in public or match his clothes to mine because he knows I get embarassed easily again.
99. He bought me a bag of purple stuff (little teddy bears, sticks of gum, chapstick etc) freshman year just because I’m obsessed with it.

The Nature of my Complaints

     So it has been a month of Sundays since I have blogged but it’s getting into the home stretch of the semester and all I seem to do lately is complain. Let me first qualify that statement by saying, I enjoy complaining. There is almost nothing I enjoy more. It gets whatever I am feeling off my chest, out of my system and from my mind. Because I complain about something does not mean that I do not enjoy it. The things I complain about the most are usually the things I adore most. Here are the things that I spend the most time complaining about that have actually enriched my life and blessed me endlessly. These are the things that make me the woman that I am and will hopefully continue to make me a better woman on into the future (from least importance in my life to greatest importance).

My students-
     From my fifth graders who shout an answer in class when I’m not talking to them to my CUFS kids who won’t participate. From my Bio Lab students who drink the TAE buffer to the art students who get paint on each others contacts,there is nothing I complain about more than my students. They have a knack for testing my tongue and my Christianity all at one time. It is my students who take my Thursday from a day with only three hours of classes to a days with 12 hours of classes with no breaks. It is my students who am responsible for me being forced to spend three hours with Tylkanator (my boss) on Monday. It is also my students though who encourage me in my other classes and make me feel honored that they fight over who my favorite student is. It is my students who come to me and tell me that I really helped them to grasp a concept and tell me that I have officially made their last class on Friday, the whole reason that they start their week. I have almost been reduced to tears by the generosity of my students compliments and giving nature.

     School makes me want to choke myself some days. Its difficult, long and arduous. I am never sure if I will be able to finish it. It seems like everytime I get a handle on my school it gets a handle on me. School is not only something I work hard for, but I pay a lot of money to work for. Once I get all of the complaining out though, school has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I have grown so much from being in school. I have gotten the chance to meet so many new people that I never would have met and had so many experiences that I never would have lived. I am thankful to God for stretching me and allowing me to make it through each and every year.

My residents-
These people have definitely topped me in the complaining department. Every time I look up someone is in need of something. In a residence hall of 144 and only one me (as well as 3 other RAs) there is not enough me to go around. Every day there is a new problem needing to be addressed and sometimes I start to feel overwhelmed. They come to me with their large problems, they come to me with their small problems, they come to me with their tall problems (Dr. Seuss book anyone?). I spend a lot of my day problem solving strictly in the name of my residents. Even with all of that, I love them. When I first took on a job as an RA, I thought “How would I want my child to be treated if I dropped them off in Harnett County away from everything that they have ever known and without a parental figure and familial figure?” So I make the attempt to meet that charge. I want to be the older sister that they can come to when they have boy trouble, an amazing grade or a new dress but I also want to be that authoritarian who is willing to stand up for them when they are not so keen on doing it themselves. And they allow me that role and more in their lives and I thank them for it. I love them for trusting me so completely and having faith that I will not only do my job as its assigned but also trusting me to be apart of their lives. They trust me with their feelings, their fears, their accomplishments and their friendship. I love that they are able to build those friendships with me. It takes a great deal of faith in someone to form a relationship of any kind and so I am so thankful for them just being a blessing in my life.

My little sisters-
     Since freshman year of college, I have had two little sister. Shananigans is my biological sister. She, like me, came from the womb of the woman who irritates me so much some days I wont even bother to complain about her. But my sister without a doubt in on the top five list of people and things that get on my nerves. She is pig headed and short sighted. Once she has an idea in her head, she is positive that she and she alone is right. No one can tell her anything and she is certain that her intuition is more correct than the cold hard fact that I lay in front of her face. She is so darn sure that she knows everything and like everyone else in the world, she believes that her problems outweigh everyone elses. But my sister is the original love of my life. She has been one of my very best friends from the moment my parents made me her keeper. It gives me joy and such a happiness to know that I had a hand in raising her. Watching her grow up into a beautiful, caring young woman has been such a blessing. I can not believe that 17 years ago when I prayed for a sister that God would bless my life with the girl who would grow up to be the feisty know it all who makes me laugh and smile and want to kick her. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for my sister even with her skewed perspective on a lot of life, I support her and even if I have a life of my own, there is always a place for her in it. She makes my life worth living and the blood that runs through our veins couldn’t make us any thicker.
     Newer to my family is my sister Dizzle. She is actually the fiance’s little sister but because she has no older sister of her own, I am more than happy to fill in the role until death do us all part. She is for a lack of better words, much like Shananigans and a lot like her older brother, pig headed and  a know it all with a hot temper. Like many girls who are 16 years old, she seems to think that she has the world all figured out but none of this stops me from loving her like I would if she came out of the same womb as me. Dizzle is the little sister that I didn’t even know that I prayed for. She is kind and loving and was willing to accept me into her life with no fear that I was going to take her brother away. We laugh and we have a fantastic time together but she doesn’t hesitate to call me if she just needs to talk about something serious. I am flattered and honored that she thinks its okay that I would like to share her last name. My little sisters work my nerves and I spend a lot of time complaining about them but I get no greater joy than knowing that they are in my life.

My Fiance-
     Let’s be clear, Marcus works my nerves and when people coo at our relationship, it makes me want to pull my hair out but there is no one in the universe who makes me smile through my tears, frown in thought and snore straight through a thunderstorm. My fiance is my best friend and my confidant and when my true family makes me want to grate my teeth and is totally undeserving of my love, he selflessly lends me his to pick me up when I am down and send me on my way. He gives me a sense of peace when my world is in a disarray and challenges me everyday to be a better and harder worker citizen, wife and christian. I complain about his perceived laziness and nonchalance but it is that yin to my yang that makes our relationship flow so easily. I whine about how he never makes me dinner but God knows I don’t want him in “my” kitchen and he knows that I don’t want him in my kitchen.