Faith in His Timing

Faith in God includes faith in His timing. -Noel A. Maxwell

I am really learning this for myself. I have gotten into the habit of speeding through my life hoping for the big events. I can’t for prom, can’t wait to graduate high school, can’t wait to start college, can’t wait to get engaged, can’t wait to get married, can’t wait to graduate again, can’t wait for med school. With all of this rushing, I’m speeding past the living that is in between. Sure those events are great (of course not all of them live up to the hype) but its the everyday living that really shows you who you are and who God is.

     Today, the fourth of July (at least while I’m starting this blog) my fiance and I had no solid plans but we did intend to go to the fair grounds to watch the fireworks with friends of ours who are a couple. People say if you want to see God laugh, tell him your plans. As usual, God laughed in our faces. I had research that would take a minimum of four hours (eek) which was just enough time to miss out on our friends. In missing these plans, we were blessed to see some of our very dearest friends who we normally would not have been able to see. Plus it rained out the fireworks so we saved a trip.

     Whenever I miss out on plans, I wonder if God is protecting me from unseen danger or just keeping me for something better in store. My whole life, I live following God’s will in the hope that he has something better in store for me. Before meeting the love of my life, I was in a steady relationship with a guy that I thought was “the one” from high school. When I came to college, I, by God’s infinite grace, had the chance to meet my fiance and get to know him. I realized that we might be something that I needed to take a chance on. It’s hard to let go of things that are warm and familiar in order to break out into something larger and that much more beautiful.

     Now, I could not image my life without my fiance. He is such a blessing to my life even when he doesn’t know he is being one. Like all couples, we have good days and bad days but I could not image vowing to spend my life with anyone else. I would never have chosen him on my own but somehow he is exactly what I need in my life. He challenges me everyday to be a better companion, student, christian and partner. I dig that he gets my quirks, understands my mood swings and is able to keep up with my rapidly developing idiosyncrasies from my love of Harry Potter to my disdain of thunder and lightning.

     I never would have expected to meet the love of my life at eighteen. I don’t believe in young marriage and I wasn’t particularly stoked about the notion of marriage for myself anyway. But somehow, God found it in His will to ignore me and provide me with worlds raddest life partner in my teens. So this month, I am making an effort to have faith in God’s timing and using my relationship with my fiance as the prime example.

Happy Fourth of July =]]]]