Adorable Studs

I have been actively looking for new studs.
Studs are good for every occasion and they don’t catch your hair as much as hoops.
So I am devoting my Friday to looking for some.
Here is what I have come up with so far.
Marc by Marc Jacobs
Iconic Zip it studs
My favorite studs that I already own
Kohl’s sterling silver jade stud earrings
Regular $40.00
Sale $15.62!
Camagog Tiger Wood stud earrings
Are these not the most precious little earrings?
Ship Ahoy Anchor Studs
Still looking. If you find any cute ones, let me know. =]

87 Degrees Fahrenheit

Today in Buies Creek, NC, we had a beautiful high of 87 degrees. I almost didn’t know what to do with myself but my wardrobe did. Here is what I wore today give or take a dollar sign or two. This is one of my favorite outfits minus the fact that my boyfriend hates it. =]4.11.11



So, I haven’t decided exactly what I would like to blog about yet. So we will see how this goes huh? The blog is name for my sense of style; a bit of Ralph Lauren and Vera Bradley meets Erykah Badu (in her good years). I’ll probably will end up blogging about that and just everyday life.